Friday, February 8, 2013

Back by popular demand - new Borgman prints

"EAST/WEST" by Jim Borgman

Making fun of us all with the eccentricities of our east side/west side mentality.

Bigger and better a giclee on fne art paper.

$80. for the print
$180. print & archival framing 16" x 35"

"NEXT" by Jim Borgman

A new deluxe giclee for your Bengal fan.  
$80. for signed print
$230. print & archivally framed in metal 
$325. print & deluxe archival framing in black wood with orange trim

"The Clam" by Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott

Communicating with your teenager.

Fine art giclee signed by Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott.
$190. for the print
$300. print & archival framing

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