Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pull at Mom's heart strings

Give mom her favorite memories and yours too - a new giclee by Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott. Sure to pull at Mom's heart strings!

$300. archivally framed in brilliant color at 14" x 27"

p.s. A great mate to Mom's day with Little Jeremy

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Raising a teenager?

Or maybe you were one yourself. Check out ZITS the number 1 comic strip in the country. We exclusively sell The original brush and ink drawings by Pulitzer prize winning Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott. Truly a unique gift for any parent-teen relationship!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Back by popular demand - new Borgman prints

"EAST/WEST" by Jim Borgman

Making fun of us all with the eccentricities of our east side/west side mentality.

Bigger and better a giclee on fne art paper.

$80. for the print
$180. print & archival framing 16" x 35"

"NEXT" by Jim Borgman

A new deluxe giclee for your Bengal fan.  
$80. for signed print
$230. print & archivally framed in metal 
$325. print & deluxe archival framing in black wood with orange trim

"The Clam" by Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott

Communicating with your teenager.

Fine art giclee signed by Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott.
$190. for the print
$300. print & archival framing

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Findlay Market now available on canvas

The magic of Cincinnati's Historic Findlay Market now available on canvas.

30" x 36"
brush signed by the artist


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Thursday, June 28, 2012

See us on The Weekly Yelp, Cincinnati


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Friday, January 20, 2012

10 framing ideas for Valentine's Day

Here are our ideas that are sure to please and give you lasting pleasure:

1. Kid's art - Moms, Dads and Grandparents love this

2. Old family photos

3. Sports jersey or t-shirt, team photo or action shot

4. Shadow box a treasure - i.e. pocket watch, baby rattle, ribbons, awards, pins and metals, get it!

5. Frame a favorite quotation, poem, song lyric - we’ll typeset for you

6. Diploma, honor, award, news clipping

7. Frame a map of your vacation spot or a favorite place

8. Pet photo - good grief, how could you go wrong?

9. Select an original one-of-a-kind brush and ink drawing by Jim Borgman - if you frame it, we’ll have Jim personalize the mat for your receiver

10. Purchase a personalized gift certificate - spend exactly what you want and treat your receiver to a shopping spree

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Mom's day with little Jeremy" - brand new ZITS giclee print now available!

Introducing a beautiful giclee of 10 panels honoring our moms and sons, "Mom's day with little Jeremy," featuring ZITS, the original work of Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott. Stop in the gallery to see this delightful piece guaranteed to bring a smile and maybe a sigh.

Printed on rag paper with a silkscreen finish, this piece has a rich and velvety look. Perfect for Mother's Day, or ANY day to celebrate moms, sons, and of course - ZITS!

$190 + $15 shipping & insurance for the print
$300 + $40 shipping & insurance for the print with custom archival framing

INQUIRE: 513.871.9393

Check out Jim Borgman's blog post about The Framery and these new prints, photo included! Click the left-hand image or head to >>

You can view more available ZITS originals here >>

Learn more about Jim Borgman >> and Jerry Scott >> on The Framery's website.

Head to the official ZITS website >>

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